Change Is Coming | September 2021

Change Is Coming…

We are changing our Sunday services with everyone in mind. Our hope is that this will help us all to grow. That it will create fresh opportunities for a new generation of leaders & influencers in the church to arise.

From the 1st Sunday in September 2021 we are changing the way that we do Sunday Worship. See below for our NEW monthly staple of worship:

Week 1: Preaching – Auditory Learning

We are believing that through the time of preaching God will speak to us where we are, leading us forward, and helping us to become more like His son Jesus.

Week 2: Learning –  Visual & Verbal Learning

Learning is a space for visual and verbal learning around a concept, theology, orthodoxy, Bible book, passage of scripture, or Bible verse. Helping us to grasp, glow and grow.

Week 3: Prayer – Kinaesthetic & Social Learning

We believe that meeting with God through His Word and in prayer creates an encounter with God that can completely transform ones life!

Week 4 Worship – Kinaesthetic Learning

This is the Sunday of the month where we will have a time of Prophetic Worship to encounter God afresh.

Week 5 Discipleship – Audio Visual or Kinaesthetic Learning.

Some of the the things you can look forward too on a Discipleship Sunday are as follows: Communion, Baptism, Testimonies, Creative Writing, Learning to Preach, Interviews & Special Guest Speakers.

We all learn in different ways, above we have listed the type of learning each Sunday will be geared for. Traditionally church has been very good at being auditory. Auditory is great, but for some it is not the best channel for them to engage and for God’s word to be alive in them.

The plan is that we will launch a NEW series every month. As the month goes on and we grapple with what God is saying in the different means of communication, learning and experience, we hope all of us will grow deeper and richer in our faith.