The first week of every month we explore, encounter & worship God through the gift of preaching.

A preacher is a messenger of a ‘higher’ authority. Our hope is that at this particular time, the preacher will be a messenger sent from the highest authority. That God will speak a word into our hearts that can transform our lives.

Preaching is an integral part of corporate worship at CityHill. Preaching plays its part in a staple diet which includes; learning, prayer, worship and discipleship.

Our Monthly Staple:

Week 1: Preaching – Auditory Learning

Week 2: Learning –  Visual & Verbal Learning

Week 3: Prayer – Kinaesthetic & Social Learning

Week 4 Worship – Kinaesthetic Learning

Bonus Week (for the months of the year made up of 5 weeks)

Week 5 Discipleship – Audio Visual or Kinaesthetic Learning.