Learning takes place on the second Sunday of every month at CityHill London. Learning is a learning opportunity that focusses heavily on visual and verbal learning. We may be focused on a topic, theology, orthodoxy, bible passage, bible book or bible verse.

We will hear from a Teacher. But we will engage with the content in a visual manner. Discussing collectively the application of what we are learning and the implications it will have on our lives. This is a highly interactive church worship setting that makes up another part of our healthy dietary staple.

Our Monthly Staple:

Week 1: Preaching – Auditory Learning

Week 2: Learning –  Visual & Verbal Learning

Week 3: Prayer – Kinaesthetic & Social Learning

Week 4 Worship – Kinaesthetic Learning

Bonus Week (for the months of the year made up of 5 weeks)

Week 5 Discipleship – Audio Visual or Kinaesthetic Learning.