God spoke all creation into being. We speak New Realities into being with our words all the time. Has someone ever said something to you and all of a sudden, good or bad, you become aware of a new reality? Do I really look like that? Is that how people see me? Jesus said He did not speak or act of His own initiative but said and did what He heard the Father say or do.

New Realities – are realities we seek to create in our world where we have heard our Father in Heaven speaking a new word into being. Once we hear it we start to speak and act to create that word here and now!

Current NEW Realities Being Formed

African Child Trust

When a child from a poor background loses their father, they become trapped firmly in the grip of poverty. With the the breadwinner being gone, the older children in the family will drop out of school & sell items at the side of the road. Progress from there is almost unimaginable. Through our partnership with ACT, 6 children now have the chance to achieve, creating a New Reality for not just themselves, but their family and community.

Symphony Schools

Symphony Schools seek to educate, equip & empower young, Black boys by providing free core subjects extra tuition classes in line with GCSE curriculum. Statistically young Black men are disproportionately faced with limits placed on them by society. Symphony Schools is a new initiative we are partnering with to create a new reality for Black Boys. We look forward to growing our partnership with Symphony Schools in the future.

Black - Ink

Black-Ink is a safe space for Black young people to express themselves creatively. We understand that it has been extremely difficult to carry and process emotions around police brutality and systemic racism. We want to provide our community with space to discuss how this is affecting us. Using the mediums of written art with sessions, we will respond to society whilst giving space for personal experiences and promoting wellbeing.

As NEW Realities are formed we will be sharing and updating information about past and present realities