Prayer takes the prime position in our Sunday Worship on the third Sunday every month. This service allows us together as a collective to hear God. Lift up each others concerns. Reflect on a prayer from the Bible. Contemplate what different types of prayer are displayed in the scripture.

Prayer creates unique encounters with God. We believe that in an encounter with God, He can do more to transform us, then hearing all the conventional wisdom the world has to offer.

Prayer plays an integral part in our staple spiritual diet.

Monthly Staple:

Week 1: Preaching – Auditory Learning

Week 2: Learning –  Visual & Verbal Learning

Week 3: Prayer – Kinaesthetic & Social Learning

Week 4 Worship – Kinaesthetic Learning

Bonus Week (for the months of the year made up of 5 weeks)

Week 5 Discipleship – Audio Visual or Kinaesthetic Learning.