Let’s Break Bread

This Sunday is incredibly special to me, one reason is that it will be my birthday and I will be getting a year older and in Jesus Name – wiser. But the real reason it is going to be special to me is that we are going to break bread together. If you have ever had communion at CityHill before you know what a special time that is.

Here are two very simple reasons to be excited for this Sunday.

Chance To Look Back

Jesus broke bread at passover and said this is my body broken for you and for many. He was letting them know He was the true passover lamb. We can look back on how Jesus has saved us and transformed us. We remember. Remembering will help us stay humble and love others.

Chance To Look Forward Through A New Lens

The passover lamb was slain, cooked, eaten and its blood put on the door posts of every house in Egypt where the children of Israel resided. It saved the lives of their firstborn children when the angel of death passed over. It was also the final act that led to slaves becoming free. Do you feel enslaved or trapped? Communion is a chance to not only look back and remember, but to look forward to the new freedom God has waiting for you in Christ Jesus – the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

Look forward to encountering God together anew through this sacred tradition.

God bless,

Pastor Andy

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