Audio Sermon Tour – God In The Bulrushes

**Still no church service this week at Metro – We are at Deen City Farm in Morden**

This Sunday join us on an Audio Sermon Tour through the Bulrushes.

Arrive at 11:15 AM outside Deen City Farm. A member of our hosting team will be waiting to take you on a tour through the bullrushes. Make sure you bring these three things with you:

1. Headphones

2. Wellies

3. CityHill London App [installed on your mobile device]

You will need to have the CityHill London App on your phone to get the talk for the tour. Make sure you have your headphones so that you can listen as we take a tour through the bullrushes. Wellies are advised as they maybe needed for a challenge. Lastly come with an expectant heart ready to hear from the Lord.

For those of us with kids; the CityLite Farm Parties are in full swing again this Sunday. If you haven’t already make sure you head over to the CityLite website and register your child. Once spaces are gone they are gone.

God is going to meet us in the bulrushes!