Church Has Left The Building

CityHill London is leaving the building. I know, I know very misleading – we have never had a building. But we are leaving the status-quo behind for July.

Kids Takeover

Sometimes you have to shake things up. Over the last year we have been constantly disrupted by COVID 19. July 2021 we return the favour, CityHill London will not be meeting at Metro for the month of July. We are hiring the cafe at Deen City Farm, where we will be hosting CityLite Farm parties each Sunday. We will also be meeting at 11 AM as opposed to the usual 10 AM. I know, you can thank me for the lay in.

Children have experienced significant disruption this last year. So we have decided to have a month making them our top priority.

If you have children and would like to register them for one of the CityLite Farm parties please click here…

You may be reading this saying thats great but I don’t have any children what do I do for the month of July? Great question. Here are three recommended options

1. Come to the farm

Why not pop down to the farm? The service is for kids, but there is a huge national trust site with a great shop with plants on sale. My favourite thing to do is going for a nice family walk around the park. Visit the national trust shop and pop in to maiden head aquatics and look at the fish on sale. There is also a second hand book some and two cafes. Meet up with others from CityHill and have a nice time talk walking and talking, getting to know each other.

11:15 AM would be an ideal time to arrive as children will have mostly completed registration for the party.

Deen City Farm
39 Windsor Avenue
Merton Abbey
Nr. Wimbledon
London SW19 2RR

2. Sabbath Rest

With all the disruption many of us are feeling exhausted. Take the time for intentional rest, by the way there is a series for that! Check out this CityHill throw back series ‘Sabbath’ and make the most of the time.

3. Online Message!

On Sunday morning a new message will be made available in the talk section of the CityHill London App. Enjoy.

Any questions feel free to drop an email to