Discipleship Sunday takes place on the fifth week of the month, making them a rare & tasty treat. You can look forward to the following on a Discipleship Sunday:

Communion, Baptism, Testimonies, Creative Writing, Learning to Preach, Interviews & Special Guest Speakers.

Most Discipleship Sunday’s will focus around on building and developing the key behaviours each of us need to embed into our lives as followers of Christ Jesus. To then turn those behaviours into life changing habits.

Our Monthly Staple:

Week 1: Preaching – Auditory Learning

Week 2: Learning –  Visual & Verbal Learning

Week 3: Prayer – Kinaesthetic & Social Learning

Week 4 Worship – Kinaesthetic Learning

Bonus Week (for the months of the year made up of 5 weeks)

Week 5 Discipleship – Audio, Visual, Social or Kinaesthetic Learning.