Super Sunday

We have got a fantastic set of services lined up for you tomorrow at CityHill London.

Pre Church Social

There is our pre service chat at 10 AM on Zoom (email to get the details if you wish to join our pre church service social) which is my favourite part of Sunday. Seeing those I have missed so much during the Lockdown.

Indie Church Service

Then at 10:30 AM live on Instagram it is our Indie Church Service. Get your Emoji fingers at the ready and let the emoji responses fly in during an inspirational spirit filled preach.

CityLite Kids

At 11 AM the kids are bringing their favourite Bible Story to Zoom to share with and encourage each other. As it is a digital children’s interactive service you need to have attended CityHill before with your kids. This is to best safe guard our children online. If you have attended before and would like to come along email me at we have CityLite services weekly.

Bible Book Club

At 4 PM we bring it all to a grand close. It is the Bible Book Club on Zoom, we are finishing the book of Ezra this Sunday. We will be announcing very soon what Book of the Bible we will be exploring next at the Bible Book Club. Once again if you would like to attend the Bible Book Club please email us at we would love to have you with us.

We really hope to see you on Sunday at one of the fabulous services we will be putting on online for you. See you there…

God bless,

Pastor Andy