Introducing the Bible Book Club...

Always wanted to explore and understand the Bible? It is easier said than done let’s be honest. Many believe the Bible to hold life changing power, but exploring a text thousands of years old and far removed from your culture is tricky at best.

We want to explore the Bible together in a book club format. We all read the same passage over the course of the month, make notes of our discoveries and questions. Then when we come together on the Zoom app to collaborate and share. Click here for the link for the zoom meeting, but please note we only email the password out to those who have subscribed to the Bible Book Club.

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What Book are we reading?

We previously journeyed together through the book of Ezra. The extraordinary account of a people who had lost their identity. It was stripped away from them brutally by the Babylonians. One of the key elements was the rebuilding of the Temple.

We believe that God wants us to pivot to the Gospel of John. John’s Gospel sees us come face to face with the real temple.

Jesus said, ‘destroy this temple and I will rebuild it in 3 days.’

If we are now the temples of God, where Holy Spirit dwells, shouldn’t we take an in-depth exploration of Jesus? A man lead by the spirit, filled with the Spirit and moved in the Power of the Spirit. Join the Bible Book Club as we journey through the Gospel of John.

For those interested, I fully recommend getting the ESV Scripture Journal of John’s Gospel (pictured above) not only are they beautiful books they have a page for note-taking opposite every page of scripture. Perfect for writing down your thoughts or questions you may have around the text. Also their is blank pages at the back of the book, well suited for the activities we will do together as a group.

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When & Where?

DATE: 13th September



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What You Can Expect

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