Share Jesus International

Helping The Church Share Jesus

Share Jesus International has always played a rather untold, but key part in our story. Pastor Andy met with Andy Frost who runs SJI years ago, he had planted a church, and Andy was about to plant a church so we met for coffee for him to in part wisdom.

Andy (Frost) did so much more than that. He invited me to a C3 Global event in London where I met Dr Claude Thomas, he had come with a mandate to twin UK churches with churches in the US. The idea was so that we could learn from one another and grow. Right there and then God had predestined that we would be twinned with Revolution Church, in San Antonio, Texas.

The rest is history, I have attended many round tables hosted by SJI, events and their yearly Ekklesia conference which is one of the best around, it really is.

We partner with SJI with a small monthly gift, which we want to grow over time knowing what SJI does is not just for us at CityHill and our wellbeing but for the Kingdom of God across the UK and the world.