CityLite Website

Discipling the family together

CityLite is the children’s ministry at CityHill London. At church often there is a misconception that children’s workers, volunteers & youth leaders are the ones responsible to disciple our children. We created the CityLite website to help us to work in partnership, with the shared goal of discipling our kids, to light up our families and the world around us.

Keep checking back each month as we will post reviews of good Christian resources. Ideas for activities you can do with your child. Conversations from their world that can help draw them near to God.

We are so glad you’re here, we can’t wait to help play a part in the discipleship of your family, in partnership with you, and God. Let’s get started…

What we did

  • Created the CityLite Website
  • Created and uploaded Digital Resources
  • Reviewed Christian kids products