NEW series for November 2021

November kicks off a new series at CityHill called ‘Sojourner‘.
The series will last for four weeks; will consist of preaching, learning, prayer and worship over the course of the month. We will also have giveaways every week for those in attendance.

Key Series Bible Verse

“Beloved, I urge you as sojourners and exiles to abstain from the passions of the flesh, which wage war against your soul.” – 1 Peter 2:11


An individual or group of people residing, temporarily or could be permanently, in a community and place that is not primarily their own. They are often in the Old Testament cultural context dependent on the kind nature and generosity of that community for their survival.

Humility leads us to a place that is detached from our previous points of reference. It ultimately begins with a disconnect, Abraham when entering into covenant with God was told that ‘for 400 hundred years your people will be sojourners…’

What God wants to form in us and for us, is never a microwave meal experience. He is planning for the long term, in fact He is planning for the eternal. For us to play a part in that we cannot love the world and the world views that have previously shaped & defined us. We have to be ready to live the life of the…


Join Us Throughout November

Visiting CityHill doesn’t mean signing your life away. Feel free to sojourn, in fact we encourage us. All through this month there will be giveaways every single week. So we would love to have you with us. From week two onwards we will be giving away FREE Sojourner T-shirts to everyone in attendance.

Sojourner TShirt Giveaway

If you are a CityHiller, make a list of four friends or family you want to sojourn with us through this series and get inviting.