Meeting Again Safely

It has been almost 28 weeks since we last met together at CityHill London. Over the last couple of months have witnessed various types of businesses & community spaces reopen. We wanted to take our time, observe and see how things would transpire. We love our church, our church is the people and though we desperately want to be together. We wanted to not rush in, and instead try to be as safe as possible.

Meeting online has been fantastic but nothing beats being with someone in person. I know from going into work during the lockdown as a key worker, how much I have appreciated real-life interactions with those who are outside of my bubble.

The last couple of weeks have been spent exploring what would happen if we did meet physically. We are going to launch a Sunday service as a ONE-OFF EXCLUSIVE EVENT. After the Sunday Service has concluded, we are going to go away and review it. Then once we have reviewed it, we will plot the appropriate course of action, whatever that may be.

Online Booking

To make things as safe as possible those that wish to attend will have to book online. We cannot list the number of spaces available at any time as it is a variable. If someone registers a place they will be assigned their own table. Each table will be treated as its own support bubble. So if a family of four were to register they would be in their own bubble. Which means if we have 10 tables and 10 individuals register a space we would be fully booked. Likewise, if we have 10 tables we could have a family at each table safely kept apart from other families. Once spaces are gone we are fully booked. So book early to avoid disappointment.

Our first Sunday back will be the October 18th, 10 AM at our Clapham location. To register, just complete the form below.

What To Expect

Upon arrival, we will have someone at the door waiting to guide you through how things will run. There will be hand sanitisers available at the door. CityHill facemasks will be available on demand. The tables will have all been cleaned. You will be placed at your table, once at your table please remain at your table unless absolutely necessary, ie: you need the toilet. This is to help ensure we can keep everyone safe in their bubbles. Feel free to chat with the bubble next to you. Once the service is finished we will need to leave in order from the closest table to the door and staggered.

We want to keep everyone at CityHill London safe, we want to be a blessing to one another, not a curse. We want us all to prosper, not to harm one another so we will be asking that everyone adheres to the aforementioned guidelines.

We cannot wait to see you in person.

See you there and God bless,

Pastor Andy