We are the Church of Jesus Christ, one part of it anyway. But we all have a role to play in the wider mission of God all across the world. It is not often we get political as a Church. But, frankly sometimes we have to roll up our sleeves and head into that domain. We were shocked when George Floyds breath was taken so tragically. We have seen similar acts in the UK equally as shocking even if not as well publicised.

It is a time for deep reflection and for exploring how we can help make a difference in each and every challenge that comes across our path. How do we partner with the Gospel in such a way the Kingdom of Heaven comes close to us this day.

Now in Nigeria in SARS we have all been made aware of something so tragic. The last two weekly prayer meetings have seen us pray for Nigeria, for End Sars. SARS has allegedly ended as of OCT 11th. But brave young people in Nigeria continued to campaign and express there deep dissatisfaction at what they see is a deeply corrupt governing body and system.

The recent turn of events leading to the Army shooting and killing innocent civilians singing the national anthem protesting for a better world, is just too shocking to describe.

We have been in touch with church partners of ours who are largely made up of the Nigerian Diaspora. Asking our partners how best can we pray and also what can we do as a Church. Here are 5 top tips on what to pray:

1. The evil forces that are trying to destroy the nation by sowing violence and shedding innocent blood will stop.

2. Gods peace and comfort for those who have lost children ( loved ones).

3. Spirit of God will rest on the Government of Nigeria and constrain our leaders to make Godly decisions and expose those working to an agenda to destroy the nation.

4. God will give the young people who are at the forefront of this demand for change and an end to police brutality, wisdom, strength and He will protect them.

5. The Church in Nigeria will be emboldened to speak up and play it’s part in preaching a message of reconciliation.

We also have to back prayer up with being the Lord’s Hands & Feet, bending to His will. Click on the link below to write to your MP easily using the prepared template which you can edit to suit.

Contact your MP

PSJUK have been recommended to me strongly by a good Pastor friend of mine as being a small but effective organisation, that they have partnered with many times before.

Please feel free to share this post the hour is critical, and we must act.


Pastor Andy