ACT Update #NewRealities

We have often spoken at CityHill about how God spoke our reality into being. Jesus is God’s spoken WORD becoming flesh, shaping and creating a NEW Reality for us all. God wants us to be like Jesus. God wants us to speak NEW Realities into being.

One of the NEW Realities we are creating at CityHill is for 5 fatherless and orphaned children in Tanzania. When either the father or both parents died, a new reality was created for them. One that was very bleak, lacking hope. Poverty would certainly dominate and enslave their lives. But through the faithful giving and generosity of our church family, we have helped to create a new reality for them. One where they would not be forced to sell at the side of the road. Our support has helped to give them access to education, provide them with a goat – making them financially stable in their context.

Here is our annual update on the progress of our children:

Rehema is in standard 6 and doing well in school, her family are well and her goat is in good health.

Prisca is in form 4 and doing well in her school and has hopes to one day be able to provide for her family, and her goat is in good health.

Gaudensia has a pig instead of a goat, which is in good health. She is in form 4 and has important exams this year. Please pray for her success.

Velius is in standard 7 please pray as he completes exams for the finalisation of his primary school education. His goat is doing great.

Neema is in form 2 and is doing well, pray for her continued progress in her education, her goat is in good health.

Please keep praying for all of the children we are supporting. When we support a vulnerable child we will end helping the entire community. ACT now have an Alumni of previous students who have achieved success and now work together to give back to their communities.

Always remember Bithia, Bithia did not pull a baby boy called Moses out of the Nile. She pulled out the entire nation. Pray for our children that they too will lead others to peace.

God bless,

Pastor Andy