Supercharge Our Church

In 2017 CityHill London became a registered Charity as a CIO. We are registered with the Charity Commission, our number is 1175557. This means we were able to apply for Gift Aid.

We are now fully registered for gift aid, so for every £1 you give to CityHill London we can claim £0.25 back from the government making your giving stretch even further.

Completing our digital gift aid form will literally super charge our church!

Under the rules of gift aid we can claim back for the past 4 years, or in this instance since the charity CityHill London was formed.

What Can You Do To Help?

If you have given to CityHill London, be it directly to the banking system, via the CityHill London App or our website, please click and complete this form. Completing this gift aid form will help significantly resource your church on the mission we are on together.

Lighting Up London One Life At A Time – Mission Statement

CityHill London Mission Statement

When giving digitally via our website or the CityHill London App, complete all your details and then click the gift aid button. If you are giving directly to our bank account please just click the link and complete the form.

At CityHill London we are blessed to be a family of generous givers making the mission and vision a reality. Thank you.

God bless,

Pastor Andy