Bible Book Club

Introducing the Bible Book Club…
Always wanted to understand the Bible better? Let’s be honest, it is easier said than done. Many believe the Bible to hold life-changing power, but exploring a text thousands of years old and far removed from your culture is tricky at best.

We want to explore the Bible together in a book club format. We all read the same passage over the course of the month, make notes of our discoveries and questions. Then when we come together to learn, collaborate and share.

The Bible Book Club operates using Google Classroom. You complete the registration form below and you will be emailed a link inviting you to join the Bible Book Club Google Classroom. Once you are in you will have access to the classroom stream and the link for our monthly meeting.

When & Where?
WHEN: 2nd Sunday of the month
LOCATION: Google Classroom + Google Meet

This time, we’ll be reading through the biography of Jesus written by Mark. We’ll be exploring the beauty of Jesus’ life and impact, hence why we called this book club ‘a Mark of beauty’.

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