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Looking For A Relevant Church In Waterloo?

Through years of experience, we have intentionally crafted our church experience to be geared towards the missing generations of church. CityHill London is a guilt free grace-full space – thats not a statement, it is simply true. If church has not worked out for you in the past. Please give us a try.

Mission | Vision | Values

In 2019 CityHill London will be launching their third location in Waterloo.

CityHill London is an indie church that is all about…

 Lighting Up Our World So That People Far From God Can Find Life In Christ!

Our values are Shine, Invite & Give. We believe it is so important to shine bright with the light God has given each and every single one of us. That life is about inviting people into our lives, to CityHill and to the Eternal Party. Giving our time and service to God is giving to God a unique gift only we can give. Not only giving our time, but also our resources to achieve the mission and vision together.

Our long-term vision is to launch 5 NEW locations over the next 5 years.

Ways You Can Help


Launch a NEW location costs between £1,000 – £3,000. A gift of any size upward of £5 is available via the button below.


Serve at our existing location or NEW outreach team. Click below to register your interest in serving.


Share our resources to promote the NEW location on social media. Who know someone you know may find a NEW home.


Will you give us 2 mins of your time to help complete our survey?

What You Can Expect

CityHill London is #ChurchButDifferent. A space intentionally created for the missing generations of church. A place where prodigals are welcomed home.We pride ourselves on being innovative and disruptive. Our services are 50 mins short – RELEVANT and accesible.

[ Pictures below were taken at our Clapham location. ]


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