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Kids Church Clapham - Church For The Whole Family

Welcome to CityLite...

CityLite is the Kids work at CityHill. Each Sunday CityLite consists of an inspirational talk that is 5-10 mins short around the Bible. Then the next 10-20 mins consists of creative/digital activities. Designed for your kids to LOVE coming to CityHill.

We use Kindle Fire tablets on a Sunday for digital activities to keep lessons fun and fresh. Games and activities are relevant to the given talk each and every week.

We want your kids to want to come to CityLite, coming excited and expectant. That is why it is our top priority to have FUN every single week at CityLite!!!

We also have AMAZING Kid Parties every 3 months. Not only for your kids to love, but for them to be able to bring a friend as well. The last party we had was in September, we had a Pokemon Party. It was ACE…

Just like any GOOD party we have loads of games, balloons, party bags and prizes at our CityLite parties. Each party is unique and comes around really fast, every 3 months.

We love GIVING. CityHill is a place where God unleashes His generosity on our lives. So we love to spend money on having gifts for the kids to leave the party with.

Looking For A Church Where Your Children Belong?

At CityHill we are committed to creating an exciting space, full of fun designed to enable children to explore their faith. In a safe environment.


Our services are short but crammed with fun. Be it crafts, digital games, videos or discussions. We always have fun in the forefront of our minds during planning.


Fun without Faith would be pointless. Our fun is intentional, connected and deep-rooted in God. The Rabi’s used to give kids sweet honey, saying ‘His Word is sweeter than honey.’ so for us this applies to all we teach. So we could take that scripture and say…

His Word Is Sweeter Than Haribo…


Church is a people called out together for a purpose. Children today are becoming more and more isolated. We want to build a strong family at CityLite.