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At CityHill our giving is done digitally via the website or the CityHill London App. Alternatively, it is possible to give by the banking system. Our bank account details can be found below. Another great way to give is to give to God a unique gift only you can give, serve at CityHill.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK Tax payer click here to please complete our digital gift aid form. It will only take 60 seconds and will give us an extra £0.25 for every £1 you have given.

Bank Details

Account Name: CityHill London

Sort Code: 20-90-74

Account: 13006158

NEW Location Fund

At the start of 2020, we embarked on our 5-year vision to become…

1 Church, 6 locations across London

The cost of starting a NEW CityHill London location is approximately £1,000-£2,000. In the infancy of a new location, we meet monthly reducing the burden of cost and human resource. During this period the NEW location will cost between £50 – £100 a month.

Our hope is that in 2020 we will become 3 locations; Clapham, East London and Waterloo. We are still searching for an appropriate location in Waterloo. Any giving given to the NEW Location Fund will be used to help achieve the 5-Year vision.

Gifts of any size are greatly appreciated. But £20-£50 a month reoccurring digital giving for us is very helpful to sustain a NEW location. The smallest amount our digital giving form will allow is £5. Small tweaks will take us to great peaks.

Father The Fatherless FUND

We wanted to create a way for those within CityHill to be able to specify what it is that they wanted to give towards. We believe very strongly that God is the father to the fatherless.

We believe God calls us to be like him.

So that means we need to be fathers to the fatherless. Andy, having previously worked for the African Child Trust, giving him insight into the specific plight facing fatherless or orphaned girls in poverty in many African countries. This has caused us to specifically sponsor girls who are fatherless or orphaned.

This fund over time will be used to support vulnerable children/teenagers in the UK. We recognise as a church many young people suffer from having absent fathers or fathers who are damaging. We know God passionately desires to be their father also. We have plans to attach to this fund an initiative to help create opportunity and disciple (father), vulnerable young people, helping to sheppherd them away from knife crime and the influence of drug and gang culture.

Currently, we support 6 fatherless and orphaned girls in Kagera, Tanzania as a church. Money for this comes from both the general fund but predominantly from the father the fatherless fund.